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Sugar assortment

Rock candy

Südzucker offers a wide variety of brown and white candies to sweeten tea, grog, mulled wine, herb teas, hot milk, etc. Candies are produced by slowly crystallizing a highly concentrated sugar solution. The small sugar crystals grow into larger crystals as time passes. Sugar candy literally takes time to grow to the desired size. The sugar solution is initially heated and then re-cooled to make brown candies. This heating is what gives it the brown color and the typical caramel-like flavor.

Südzucker White Rock Candy

Südzucker Brown Rock Candy

Südzucker Kluntje Rock Candy
Extra-large white rock candy crystals.

Südzucker Rod Rock Candy
A brown candy formed by suspending a rod in the sugar solution. Large sugar crystals grow on the rod and are subsequently chipped away.

Südzucker Candy Sticks
Sugar crystallizes directly on wooden sticks immersed in the sugar solution. The finished sticks are extracted, dried and then packaged. They are available as white or brown candy sticks.

Südzucker Crumb Rock Candy
Similar to candy sticks, the crumb candy first produces larger plates, which are then broken up before the fine pieces known for the crumb candy are screened off.