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Sugar assortment


Extra fine sugar
Südzucker extra fine sugar is a specialty sugar for fine pastries, very fine cakes exquisite desserts such as crèmes, parfaits and sorbets, as well as hot beverages. Thanks to its extremely fine crystals, it dissolves so quickly in a cappuccino that the foamed cream remains intact when stirring.

Fine sugar
Südzucker fine sugar is an all-purpose product. Its uniform, fine crystals make it very versatile. It can be used to enhance yeast doughs or fine desserts, soufflés, pudding, cottage cheese and yogurt snacks, as well as any other sweet dish.

Sugar cubes
To make Südzucker sugar cubes, pure sugar is moistened, pressed into molds and then dried. These cubes can be used to ensure that a consistent amount of sweetener is added to hot beverages, as well as to fill fruits in plum and apricot dumplings.

Sugar sticks
Südzucker sugar sticks: classic refined sugar in traditional Südzucker quality in 5-g decorative shapes - a tasteful decoration for any table.

Organic sugar
Südzucker organic sugar is made from sugar beets grown according to a traceable environmentally sound program and is harvested during an organic sugar campaign. The majority is used in the production of baby food and organic baked goods. Südzucker recently introduced a 500 g package of organic sugar for household consumption. It is ideally suited for sweetening coffee, tea and other hot beverages, for baking and cooking, as well as to enhance the flavor of many foods.

Fructose is a natural carbohydrate contained in many fruits and can be extracted in a number of ways. Südzucker fructose is derived from the sucrose contained in sugar beets and is about one-third sweeter than normal household sugar. It dissolves faster and is therefore well-suited for cold foods and drinks. It really is true: the colder, the sweeter. Another attribute of fructose is that it enhances the natural flavor of fruits.

As recently as the beginning of the 20th century, sugar was sold almost exclusively in this form and had to be manually ground before use; for example, for baking. Nowadays, it is very much in demand during the cold season for use in mulled wine and punch. Südzucker sugar loaf is produced by moistening refined sugar, then molding it in a 15-cm cone-shaped form and drying it.

Fancy shapes
Südzucker fancy shapes are produced by moistening refined sugar, pressing it into molds and drying it. The difference between this product and sugar cubes is that they are shaped like the playing-card suits, hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds.