DLG-Feldtage 2022

The DLG-Feldtage will take place at Südzucker's experimental farm Kirschgartshausen from 14 to 16 June 2022

Südzucker provides 45 hectares of agricultural space on the Kirschgartshausen experimental farm in the north of Mannheim, where more than 350 exhibitors present innovations and trends in modern crop production.

At the joint stand of the Süddeutsche Zuckerwirtschaft (Southern German Sugar Industry), visitors will find the following exhibitors on an area of 2,000 m²:
- Südzucker
- Verband der süddeutschen Zuckerrübenanbauer, VSZ (Association of Southern German Sugar Beet Growers) and regional associations
- Süddeutsche Zuckerrüben-Verwertungsgenossenschaft, SZVG (South German Sugar Beet Processing Cooperative)
- dzz - Die Zuckerrüben-Zeitung (sugar beet newspaper)
- Bodengesundheitsdienst (soil health service)
- CropEnergies
- Institut für Agrarökologie und Biodiversität (ifab), Mannheim (Institute for Agro-ecology and Biodiversity)

At the trial plots, visitors will receive interesting advisory information about Cercospora, SBR, mechanical weed control, biodiversity and much more. The Bodengesundheitsdienst will provide an insight into the soil at the Kirschgartshausen site with a soil profile. Visitors will also have the opportunity to discuss the beet2go app with those responsible and gain an insight into Südzucker Group's Strategy 2026 PLUS.

DLG-Feldtage 2022

DLG-Feldtage - The meeting place for plant cultivation professionals

Every two years, the DLG-Feldtage are the meeting place for plant cultivation professionals from Germany and abroad. The focus is on companies specialising in plant cultivation, plant breeding, plant protection, fertilisation, agricultural technology, consulting and services, who present their diverse range of products and services. 

In 2020, the Field Days had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The last event in 2018 was attended by exhibitors from 20 countries and over 20,000 visitors from 16 countries. 

Guiding theme: "My crop production. My future."

The customization of nutrition increasingly begins in the field. The discussions and strategies on how crop production can or should be conducted in the future are therefore becoming increasingly complex and diverse. The individual site requirements for crop production - whether in classic cash crop production, in forage production, in the production of renewable raw materials or in the cultivation of fruit and vegetables - have always been diverse. Given the individual combination of soil properties, climate, crops and varieties, it is the farmer who decides locally how crop production can be successfully implemented on his or her own fields.

Such decisions require extensive and up-to-date knowledge about current and future farm inputs as well as their effects and the measures to be implemented. For this, strong partners are needed to assist with adjustments to the site and the selection of suitable farm inputs and forward-looking methods. The DLG Feldtage 2022 offers practitioners the platform to develop individual strategies for their crop production and thus for their operational future with professional colleagues and experts.

In 2022, the DLG special features with trials, demonstrations and discussion forums will focus on the topics of organic farming and specialty crops.