Südzucker Brottewitz Plant

Brottewitz plant

Overview Started operations in 1873
Closure in 2020


Mühlberger Straße 10
04895 Brottewitz
Phone: +49 35342 9-0

History of the factory


18 farmers and landowners decide to found the sugar factory „Mühlberg an der Elbe“ with a capital stock of 215 shares at the price of 500 thalers.



Registration of the stock corporation with the register of companies of the royal District court Liebenwerda.


Construction of the first pellet drying plant in Germany which leads to a quadrupling of the initial beet processing capacity to 650 tonnes per day.


Besides the sugar production, which is maintained in part by prisoners of war from the Mühlberg camp, armaments are also manufactured.


Switch from raw sugar to white sugar production.


An apprenticeship and boarding school building is established for 25 apprentices training as "sugar skilled worker".


Brottewitz is assigned to the nationally-owned enterprise "Zuckerkombinat Ernst Thälmann" in Oschatz.


During construction works on the premises, Bronze Age graves with urns and dishes are discovered.


One in four inhabitants of Brottewitz is working in the sugar factory, among them 168 apprentices.

Until 1990

Brottewitz is the most important apprenticeship site for the whole sugar industry of the former GDR. An industrial school affiliated to the sugar factory educates 100 to 120 apprentices every year on behalf of the sugar industry.

10 February 1991

With retroactive effect from 1 July 1990, Südzucker GmbH is founded in Zeitz as a 100 percent subsidiary of Südzucker AG. It acquires 13 plants of the former GDR, among them the sugar factory Brottewitz.


A comprehensive investment program of more than 100 million German Marks renews nearly all operating divisions.

1 March 2003

Südzucker GmbH merges in the Südzucker AG.


First syrup campaign of the Brottewitz plant.


The plant is admitted into the monument list of Brandenburg.


Last sugar beet campaign at the Brottewitz plant.