Segment Spezialitäten

Special products segment

Overview Production sites 29 in Europe, Chile, USA
Products Functional Food Ingredients, Convenience Food, Starch, Portion Packs
Customers Industry, Retail, Hotels, Gastronomy, Catering

Special products segment

The special products segment comprises four divisions: BENEO, Freiberger, Starch and PortionPack Europe.

Production and marketing of functional food additives made from natural raw materials, that have dietary and technology benefits when used in food and animal feed.

Freiberger Group
Producer of frozen and chilled pizza as well as frozen pasta dishes and snacks with a clear focus on the private label business in Europe and the USA.

The division comprises AGRANA's starch and ethanol business and the wheat starch plant at Südzucker's Zeitz site. 

PortionPack Europe Group
Development, packaging and marketing of portion packs.

  • BENEO produces and markets specialty ingredients with nutritional benefits.
  • Products: Inulin, Oligofructose; Isomalt, Palatinose™; rice starches, flours, proteins; wheat gluten
  • Main market segments: food, feed
  • Fields of application: bakery, cereals, beverages, confectionery, dairy products, meat substitutes etc.
  • Consulting in the areas nutritional science and application technology; support for the development of innovative ingredients.
  • Sales offices in the USA, Asia, South America and Europe; sales network in more than 70 countries.

  • One of the three largest manufacturers of frozen and chilled Pizza worldwide
  • Products: deep-frozen and chilled pizza as well as deep-frozen pasta dishes and snacks; sauces and dressings
  • Production locations: Berlin, Muggensturm, Osterweddingen, Oberhofen/Austria, Westhoughton/Great Britain and another 5 in the USA
  • 19 lines in Europe, 12 in the USA; daily output of up to 4.2 million boxes
  • Specialist for private labels, supplier of many leading food retailers in Europe and North America
  • Brands: Alberto, al Forno, Stateside
Freiberger Logo

AGRANA Starch and Südzucker Logos
  • 6 production locations in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania
  • Raw materials: potatoes, wheat and maize
  • Starch and special starch products for several industries: food and semi-luxury food, baby food, paper and paper converting, textile, construction chemicals, pharmaceutical and cosmetic
  • Important supplier of environmentally friendly bioethanol
  • Provider of products from special maize e.g. wax maize and GMO-free maize
  • Since 2016: wheat starch plant at Südzucker's Zeitz site

  • Design, production and sales of portion packed products
  • Product range: food (sugar portions, toppings, bread, bakery, sweets, etc.), nonfood (shower gel, shampoo, refreshing towels, etc.)
  • European market leader
  • Major market: out of home (hotels, catering, restaurants and canteens)
  • 10 affiliates in 8 countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, South Africa and Spain
PortionPack Europe Logo