Corona virus

Südzucker Group fulfils its supply mandate

In many countries the corona pandemic has brought public life to a standstill; Südzucker Group has also consistently switched to crisis mode. As a producer of food and animal feed, we are part of the "critical infrastructure" that receives special support from politicians and the administration to ensure that people in many countries continue to be supplied with food. The good news is that Südzucker Group employees are doing everything in their power to maintain our ability to operate and act – we are all aware of our social responsibility in this difficult phase. Currently, the supply of our customers is guaranteed despite high demand.

  • Thanks to the high level of commitment of our employees, suppliers, trading partners and crisis management adapted to the situation, we are in a position to supply our products – from sugar and frozen pizzas to starch products and fruit products – which are in particular demand from end consumers and industrial customers in this exceptional situation, in sufficient quantities and on time.
  • The Group as well as the individual Group companies have taken measures to ensure the ability to work in production and administration. In addition, we have taken various precautions to protect the health of our employees in the best possible way and to limit the spread of the pandemic. In the current situation it is important to keep social contacts to a minimum.
  • The individual companies and their roughly 20,000 employees are doing great things so that we can meet the challenges together.
  • With about 100 production facilities worldwide, the Südzucker Group reliably ensures the supply of safe, high-quality food to people.

We would like to thank our employees, our suppliers, farmers, industry and retail customers and consumers. Our aim is to be a reliable partner with valuable, high-quality products that are available to everyone, even in times of crisis.

Stay positive and healthy, all of you!

The executive board of Südzucker AG