Executive Board

Südzucker AG’s executive board independently manages the businesses and is supervised and guided by the supervisory board. The executive board is bound to work in the corporation’s interests and is responsible for increasing shareholder value.

The executive board members are jointly responsible for managing the entire company. The executive board members jointly manage the sugar and special products segments, whereas specific executive board members are responsible for the CropEnergies and fruit segments. Individual executive board members bear sole responsibility for the executive board decisions related to the divisions and group functions assigned to them. The executive board’s rules of procedure outline the details of the board’s work. 

Südzucker executive board member Dr. Niels Pörksen

Dr. Niels Pörksen

Südzucker executive board member Dr. Thomas Kirchberg.

Dr. Thomas Kirchberg

Südzucker executive board member Thomas Kölbl.

Thomas Kölbl

Südzucker executive board member Johann Marihart.

Johann Marihart